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About Raindrop Library

welcome :)

I designed Raindrop Library to provide a place of comfort for anyone who needs one. My dream is to be an author, so I had the idea to make a fictional library!


I am the librarian, but you can call me Anonyrain!

I was never any good at writing, but at 12 years old my teacher finally looked at a story I wrote and asked "did you actually write this?"

12-year-old me would probably cry at what I can do now, partly because some of it's really tragic and nightmarish stuff. Now I'm 18, being an author is my dream and it has been for all my teenage years :)

Note to self:

I can do it. It's what I want to do, even if in the hard times I question that. I promise I won't run and hide. I will not give up. If it takes my whole life to build this place then so be it. I know this can be something.