Enchantment is a cozy fantasy planet. Inhabitants either live secluded somewhere in the fantasy wilderness, or in one of the villages.

Within the death realm there are specks of life amongst the dead stars, broken planets, and vast expanse of death. Four known planets are brimming with  life.

One of them is Enchantment.

Life here feels enchanted, with it being the most magic-based planet, and having less threats-that however doesn't mean there aren't any. Enchantment is home to the Thugs, human-like creatures out to steal the shiniest jewels, most magical cauldrons, and most legendary swords.


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Enchantment Atmospheres



Quietfell, situated in the northern most part of Enchantment, is a land of snow and ice.

Forest's and frozen rivers, sparkling white hills glowing in the starlight, caves blanketed in ice, and aurora's so bright.







 Firefly Forest 

Neighbouring the Woodland Arch is the Firefly Forest, very little light reaches into its depths, where monsters lurk for anything that might stumble into their part of the world. But it does have light, although it may not light up the surroundings, fireflies glow within the blackness, as do particles drifting from the village of Hexville.

 Enchanted Woods 


 Dappled Woods 

 Valley of the Dying Light 

From above the Valley of the Dying Light seems a place of warm sunsets and swaying mushrooms, and to many such as the residents in the nearby village of Mayvelle, which overlooks the valley from the sunlit woods above, that's all it is. But deep below the winding hillsides and hidden cliffs are the Enchanted Woods.

If any villages lie within the Enchanted Woods, it is in myth and legend, but these woods have been known to be home to wanderers and loners, living in little cottages, mushrooms, and tree houses.

 The Woodland Arch 

The Woodland Arch is river that winds through the main continent of Enchantment. The name is also used for the forest where it begins, a vast magical place, where the river winds through the ancient trunks far below colourful leaves. Swamps embedded in purplish mist, mangroves filled with lush green moss, pine woods, oak clusters, maples, The Woodland Arch is the largest forest, and a safe haven for many.