Where the forests are lush and the streams are clear, and the mountains reach the stars in the sky.

Within the death realm there are specks of life amongst the dead stars, broken planets, and vast expanse of death. Four known planets are brimming with  life.

One of them is Quietness.

On the surface, this planet may seem calm and relaxing, with woods and villages, hills and taverns ands castles, and it is. But the further you go the darker it gets, and this planet holds some inevitable reckonings. This is a dark fantasy planet.

Cave systems spiral beneath the surface, connecting all the lands, monsters prowl through the woods, and never go walking through the mountains without watching the sky.

Quietness is the location of my fantasy book series!

I started it when I was just thirteen, so it means the world to me :)


 Snowy Village 

 Deep Dark Village 



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Characters from Quietness