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Raindrop Library

There are three realms.



And between them, Raindrop Library.

Raindrop Library is both a building and a realm.

The realm is an endless building complex, with some doors leading into the life and death realms. You could live your entire life in Raindrop Library and never see another soul, or you could see many, depending on where in the building you are. Sometimes there are windows showing the rain and the dark. Sometimes there are windows showing into the other realms. Sometimes there are no windows at all. You could be lost in there for eternity, still finding new places.

Raindrop Library is known as the point of no return. There are certain known Chambers in Raindrop Library where spirits spawn in after dying in the life realm, and that is where the phantoms are waiting to catch them, ready to take them to The Phantom Region, located in the centre of the death realm.