Shadowing is not so much of a planet but a collection of floating islands wrapping round far above the planet Darken, and shadowing most of it from the rest of the death realm.

Within the death realm there are specks of life amongst the dead stars, broken planets, and vast expanse of death. Four known planets are brimming with  life.

Shadowing is one of them.

Shadowing inhabitants often have their own private islands in the sky, living in wizard towers or witch huts, with potion cellars or even dungeons hidden beneath them. They grow potion supplies in their gardens, or if they're rich they might have a cluster of islands home to forests, and cave systems some of which can open up to views down to Darken.

Shadowing people may live mostly in solitude, but there are village islands scattered around Shadowing which many travel to to shop.

When others could be around, Shadowing inhabitants wear dark cloaks and masks to conceal themselves, as having someone remember you can be dangerous here. Another reason for the cloaks is to blend in with their surroundings to hide from the monsters that live around them, although most private islands are safe and therefore are decorated to the style of the owner.