Anonyrain channel


The Phantom Region

In the centre of death.

Outer space.

So desolate and large that it passes on forever.

A floating island in a cold black sky. The home of the phantoms. The Phantom Region is where spirits come to rest, after the phantoms take them from the Chambers in Raindrop Library, transport them to the death realm, to their graveyard.

The Phantom region is a floating landmass of pine forest, with a great fence and gates leading to the spirit graveyards-which in itself seems to reach on forever. The gates are enchanted to kill any spirit who passes through, meaning phantoms must drag them through the gates and then simply carry them to a grave, where their soul will lay for eternity in death.

The Phantom Region is governed by The Warden, the leader of the phantoms. There are also ghouls who work with the phantoms, but they mainly stay in the graveyard.


The phantoms don't catch every spirit.

Those that have evaded the phantoms may glide freely through Raindrop Library, or even find their own way into the death realm and the eternal space. There are ways back to life, but they are controlled by the phantoms.